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Youth Mental Health First Aid (Wales)

Why Youth Mental Health First Aid?

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The Youth can be and are notorious for being difficult to work with. Not only are they experiencing constant physical changes they are trying to balance their emotions and work out how to fit in society. Therefore, mental health problems are often missed in young people and the support required not provided.

This course is therefore particularly relevant for those who work with young people and may come into contact with young people at risk of experiencing mental distress. This training will help you to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health problems, how to provide initial first aid and where to get the right help. 


Aims of this training:

To help participants spot the early sign of a mental health problem (such as depression, anxiety disorders, Psychosis, Substance use disorders, Eating disorders etc)

  • To raise awareness and understanding of mental health problems in young people
  • To build confidence to help a young person experiencing a problem
  • To preserve life where a young person may be a risk to themselves or others
  • To provide help on a ‘First Aid’ basis
  • To reduce the affect of a mental health problem and prevent the problem escalating
  • To encourage early intervention and speedier recoveries
  • To provide comfort to a young person experiencing mental distress
  • To know where to refer the young person to for the right on-going help

It is designed to be interactive and participants are encouraged (if they wish) to share views and experiences.

How much does it cost?

£144 per person

For in-house courses please get in touch

Length of course

2 days / 14 hours

It is recommended that these 2 days are run consecutively however they can be spread across a maximum of 4 sessions. 

What is included?

We provide a fully qualified, experienced trainer, all the course materials, refreshments and lunch plus certificates for participants on completion of the course.

To book a course or find out more information call Gwen on 01495708796